Recasting of the website on April 07, 2004

The group will be in concert Sunday 1 next May with: Ancestors, Shoogooshoeslide, Fiinky  pie and Crusader within the framework of the first convention Rock/Metal of Laon organized by "les caves musique de LAON "(02) entry = 3

Then on May 14 with the Groups Thorgen, Fiinky Pie and Dark Nation at  Vaucelles and Beuffecourt (02) for a concert in the open air free.


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The new Demonstration of the Group "Vampyr" (4 titles) is dispo for the sum of 5 (port included)



Here two good news: The first, it is that the group will be in concert saturdays next 26 February, in Vauxbuin on behalf of asso DAGDA, with groups CARNAL LUST and HENRI DEATH. The second, it is that the group will profit from it for presented its new demonstration 4 titles.



Are the Tee-shirts of the group available from today to the price of 12 for the blacks and the girly and of 10 for the white. The port amounts to 2. To  order, please contact us with the following address:

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The group is obliged to cancel the concert envisaged on 18 next September with Vauxbuin following the hospitalization of its singer for a slipped disc, which is worth one month without being able to him to put the feet in a car. Eternal Rest is thus replaced for this date by the Anctres group.


The line-up of the group finally was stabilized with arrived of 2 new members these last months: Enrick in drums  and Mathieu with bass "Very soon of the new tee-shirts Eternal Rest will see the day with, in reason, a representation of Cernunnos and the logo of the group in "face" and an extract of a text of the group in "back". They will be available in black, white as in girly black "the group will be in concert on 18 September next in  Vauxbuin, near bySoissons (02) with the groups ODDS and Horresco Referens.



Afterwards a few months of the inactivity, i have took the development of site of the Eternal Rest. The patterns of the pages press and line up come to be setting on-line, and will be functionals under not much. The menu is being improved on all the pages publics of site, giving back navigation simpler.